Support of Buddha Vacana App on Apple iOS Phones & Tablets

This year’s Apple iOS Developer Program (July 2012 to July 2013) is proudly supported by The Buddhist LibraryKong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery and Metta Welfare Association.

Through their support, I’m able to continue to write and update the Buddha Vacana app on Apple iOS phones and tablets.

What is Buddha Vacana app?

Buddha Vacana is a daily readings app that automatically bring a verse of the Buddha’s teachings to you daily on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iTouch, facebook, PC and other supported devices.

This app is provided free for the benefit of all sentient beings, so please use it, share it and give your feedback and comments to improve it!

‘Buddha Vacana’ means the Words of the Buddha. It started off with the set of verses from the book Buddha Vacana: Sacred Literature of Buddhism and now offers other books for download.

No gooosie, apple, orange or avocado was harmed during the development of this app!

Pondering kindly is ezi!

* 365 verses from the Pali Canon and post-canonical Buddhist texts.
* Date selectable to browse and read.
* Soothing bell chime on startup of app to remind you to come back to the moment, to your breath.
* Daily verse reminder at user preset time.



How can I support this App?

This app is written by myself, but is possible only because of the existence of the Sangha and lay Buddhist community to give their
support. You can support this app in many ways too!

Support the Sangha in their cultivation and practices wherever you are.  Provide them with the basic requisites.

Support the Buddhist community.  Attend puja services at Buddhist centres or temples.  Support Dharma work by the Sangha and Buddhist temples and monasteries through volunteering your time and through sponsorship where possible.

And the most direct way to support this app is to download it onto your Apple iPhone or iPad and use it!  Read, reflect on the Buddha’s teachings.  Discuss and share with your friends.  This is the best way to honour the Buddha!

Try out the teachings in your life.  Practise the Dharma.  Inspire your friends and family to learn the Dharma!  The Gift of Dharma excels all gifts!


Be Good, be Mindful, be Happy!

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