Amazing What A Haircut Can Do For People!

Amazing what a haircut can do for people!


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While looks can sometimes taint people’s perception or impression of us, it is up to us to live our life wholesomely through kind speech, helpful behaviours and loving thoughts.
In the Buddha’s time, the brahmans would often send their best to challenge the Buddha and try to defeat him.  One of them was a brahman called Assalayana who was sent to try to dispute the Buddha’s statement that “All four castes are capable of purity” and not just the brahmans. [1]
The Buddha in this dialogue with Assalayana, shows clearly how a person is not pure by birth or by caste but by one’s own actions, speech and thoughts that one differs.
How we really live our life makes us a good or bad person, not our hairstyle, status, wealth or beliefs.
It is amusing to hear some people assert that Buddha is a manifestation of the Hindu God or that Buddhism branched from Hinduism or from the Brahmans when we see numerous attempts by the brahmans to dispute or defeat the Buddha in his statement, and how the Buddha do not support the brahman’s vedic teachings or its caste system.

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