Eight Schools of Thought ~ A Dharma Teaching Series by Venerable Fa Guang @ pmt

Eight Schools of Thought ~ A Dharma Teaching Series by Venerable Fa Guang @ Poh Ming Tse

6 June ~ 27 June Every Wednesday.

A brief overview of the 8 schools of thought based on the reading of “The Essentials Of The Eight Traditions" by Gyonen

The Essentials of the Eight Schools gives a concise account of the history and doctrines of the eight principal Buddhist schools in existence in Japan at the time of the author, i.e. the six schools which were introduced to Japan during the Nara Period and the two schools introduced by Saicho and Kukai during the Heian Period. This work may thus be described as an introduction to Japanese Buddhism.

The eight traditions / schools

  1. Kusha
  2. Jojitsu
  3. Ritsu
  4. Hosso
  5. Sanron
  6. Tendai
  7. Kegon
  8. Singon (Main study of the class)
  9. Zen
  10. Jodo

You will bring back with you some Japanese languages and terms at the end of the class.

About Venerable Shi Fa Guang

Venerable Fa Guang was born in Malacca. He is ordained under Master Miao Hua and trained under him in the Chinese Mahayana tradition for many years. Presently, he is residing in Minato-ku, Tokyo and is pursuing his PhD in Buddhism (focusing on the Brahmanet Bodhisattva vows) at Komazawa University.

When he returns to Malaysia and Singapore, he shares his Dharma experience with the Buddhist communities through insightful talks, rousing their inquisitive minds.

He is well-versed in many languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Teochew, Hokkien etc.). Venerable is able to present the profound Buddha's teachings in ways which people of all walks of life can easily relate to.