Korean Doctor Uses Meditation as Therapy

What has meditation done for you recently?

People around the world are finding peace and calmness amidst the stressful modern society through the ancient practice of meditation found in Buddhism.



Dr. Jung Soon Young of Koyang Physiatrics Hospital received his phD degree at the Seoul Buddhist Graduate Program through his research paper on Korean Buddhist meditation program for Schizophrenia.

Dr. Jung uses the three steps; preparation, concentration, and mindfulness meditation, to make the patients be aware of their bodies. Dr. Jung re-developed Korean seon and mandala meditation, yoga and started this new program from November 2010.

After eight runs of this meditation program, the results proved to be positive.

In Dr. Jung’s research, the symptoms of depression in the control group was much higher than the group that received Dr. Jung’s Korean meditation treatment. His re-search showed that Buddhist meditation was largely helpful in improving individual’s lifestyle. 


The nature of Buddhist meditation does not impose nor require any belief systems beyond the effort to observe one's own body and mind, making it suitable for everyone including theists and atheists alike.

Visit the nearest Buddhist temple and enquire about meditation.  Request that they start classes and programmes if they do not have one already. 

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