The Two Abilities We All Have, and a Third We Can Have.

All human beings, young or old, man or woman, regardless of race, language or religion, nationality or beliefs have two abilities.

When faced with agreeable, pleasant people, situations or things, we can get happy, joyful, at ease, calm and do nice stuffs, say nice words.  That’s easy.  We all can do that.

When faced with disagreeable, unpleasant people, situations or things, we can get unhappy, sad, frustrated, angry, and may do crazy stuffs, say angry words.  That’s also easy.  We all can do that too.

These are the two abilities that all unenlightened beings have.  Conversely, it is true as well.  If you can only react in this two ways, then you are probably unenlightened.  But don’t fret about it, ‘cos you are like the rest of us 99.9999999999999999999999% sentient beings.

But wait.  There is a third ability we can have.

When faced with the agreeable … or disagreeable … we can still have inner peace and happiness. &
This inner peace and happiness is somewhat different from the happiness above.  The happiness above is based on getting what we want.  This is worldly happiness.  Losing what we want brings unhappiness.  This is worldly suffering.  Both are intertwined, like two sides of a coin, not quite the same, not quite apart.

Inner peace and happiness is quite different.  It is not gained from getting what we want, and not taken away when we lose what we want.  It is the inner contentment when craving and desire ceases.  When we see the true quality of worldly happiness, desire and craving for it diminishes and goes away.  We don’t have to force it away.  It just do not arise anymore.  Attachment loosens itself and fades away.  Again, not forcibly taken out, but it has nowhere to attach itself to.

This is the inner peace and happiness that we all can have.

The path to it has been shown to all.

A very special person rediscovered this 2600 years ago.  A person who reached the ultimate of human potential.  He surpassed all Gods and human beings.  He surpassed all realms of existences.  He surpassed all defilements and limitations.  He is known as the Buddha, the Awakened One.  The Teacher of Gods and Man.[1]


We already have the first two abilities, and we’ve honed them to mastery level.  About time we develop the third ability?


[ 1 ]  Majjhima Nikaya 12 – Maha-sihanada Sutta: The Great Discourse on the Lion’s Roar

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