Sometimes People Ask Me When I Would Be Free. I Am Almost Never Free, But I Would Gladly Make Time For You.

Sometimes people ask me when I would be free. I am almost never free, but I would gladly make time for you.

It’s the same with Buddhism or anything in our life. If we think “I’ll do that when I am free” or “I’ll call when I am free” or “He will call when he is free” … it probably means that you are placing that as second priority or for the latter, you are second fiddle.

And more often than not, I see people failing in their goals or succeed half-heartedly because they only do it when they are free. 

Do it even when you are not free.
Do it not because you are free and have nothing better to do.
Do it even when you are busy.
Do it not because you are not so busy now.

Good nite everyone.

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