SAY NO to Sharks’ Fin Soup, SAY NO to Cruelty.

I am not advocating vegetarianism as a religious practice or mandate.  Rather I am saying, do we really have to placate our palates in such a manner that requires much suffering in other sentient living beings?


SAY NO to Sharks’ Fin Soup, SAY NO to Cruelty.

Before you eat or order your next bowl of Sharks Fin soup, please watch the following video past 5mins … I’ve not eaten Sharks’ Fin soup for probably over a decade now … watching how these animals are slaughtered for their fins and mostly thrown back into sea to die … mostly suffocating, as the sharks cannot swim without the fins … I feel so :(((

This is not about this or that precepts or whatever. This is about basic humaneness and non-cruelty. I screamed out when I saw the baby shark being stepped on and have its face / mouth sliced open while it struggled. :(((( *weep*

Some people comment that other forms of killing are as inhumane and cruel, if not more.  To that, I say that we then have to eat responsibly, to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Gordon Ramsay eats Shark Fin Soup for the first time!


Gordon Ramsey: Shark Bait


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