1 thought on “Video: If You Think You Had A Bad Day, or Bad Life … Think Again”

  1. That small, bold boy made my day…no he made my week. He brought me back on track, that in this world it is not all about me, it is about the others….I nearly forgot that, the last week cause of many personal problems, but what are they compared to the hindrances of that little boy. And does he ever complain? No, he doesnt. It made me remember the guy I did meet in Bangkok, a man about 50 years old, no feet, no hands, he did crawl over the concrete like a worm, and I thought by myself then, how bold that man is to bear that every single day of his life until he will die….And then here we are, having some problems and thinking thats the end of our world…how ridiculous….as soon as we put ourselves in the center of interest, it goes wrong….I wish that small boy all the best for his future life, may he be somewhat happy and independent….and influence others the way he did influence me….

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