Do You Know About the Singapore Buddhist Federation?

Do you know about the Singapore Buddhist Federation?  Below is some excerpt from the SBF web site followed by what I think it means for you and mean.

The Singapore Buddhist Federation has as its objectives (from its website):

  • To unify all Buddhist institutions and Buddhists in Singapore.
  • To observe Buddhist precepts, to practise Buddhism and to propagate Dharma.
  • To promote culture, education and social welfare.

Singapore Buddhist Federation(SBF) was initiated and formed by the chinese community of Buddhist in 1948.It is the parent body of Singapore Buddhist organisations and followers.

As the umbrella body for Buddhist organisations throughout Singapore, it serves to unify and support its member organisations.

What does it mean for Buddhist Organisations?

Buddhist organisations such as
Buddhist temples, monasteries or societies should register with SBF so you can be part of the big family of Buddhist community in Singapore.  As a member society, you will be kept updated by SBF on the latest development of Buddhist news and developments, and be able to participate in various programmes and events.

SBF can develop into a beautiful body for Buddhists, by Buddhists, of Buddhists in Singapore.  To do that, it needs your participation.

What about individual Buddhists?

SBF serves all Buddhists in Singapore, regardless of whether you are a registered member or not.  While certain activities or programmes may be catered specifically to members, all Buddhists alike are important to SBF.

Learning Buddhism is not as simple as ABC.  It offers the solution to Life’s Suffering, and you expect it to be simpler than primary school education?   But don’t worry, SBF is there for you.  If you are new to Buddhism, you are most welcome to contact SBF where you can seek spiritual guidance or more information about the latest courses, talks or events in Singapore or by SBF.

Your views and feedback are also important to SBF.  If you have a question about the Buddhist scene, a comment or feedback about Buddhist practices, you can and should contact SBF.  (No, contacting SBF about why you don’t like Julia Roberts is not appropriate.)

So how do you do it?  You can

  • Email them  <— don’t ask me why it is not … I mean, this is year 2011 already … who still use singnet emails? 😛 … oh wait, Buddhist Library does!
  • Call them at +65 6744 4635 … yes, some of us are still into calling.  If you like the personal touch, call SBF!
  • Fax them … wait, what? … yes, you can still fax them at +65  6747 3618.

Where is it?

If you attend a talk or need to visit SBF to share the cake you just baked for your kid’s birthday, find your way to:

Singapore Buddhist Federation
59 Lorong 24A Geylang
Singapore 398583

You can go there by

MRT – Stop at Aljunied MRT.  Alight and you will magically appear at SBF.  Nope, we still haven’t got a teleporter installed, so you have to walk over.

BUS – Along Geylang Road: 2,13, 21, 26, 40, 51, 67, 853   Guillemard Rd: 7, 70, 197

CAB – Tell them to drive you to the above address.

CAR – Flag a cab and tell them to drive to the above address.  Follow the cab.

LORRY – See Car.

AIR – Buy a ticket to Singapore, SIN (Changi Airport).  Proceed using any of the above means.  DO NOT HIJACK.  Always buy a ticket that go to the intended destination.  Buying a cheap fare that get you to the nearest airport and try to hijack the plane to get you to Singapore is annoying.

SEA – I don’t know of anybody travelling by boat except for … illegals?  Psst … once you get into the island, dry yourself, change into something casual, ask for directions to Geylang.  Don’t go to the wrong place, go to Singapore Buddhist Federation! … wait a minute, why are you reading this if you are coming in that way … …

DISCLAIMER  The above are my personal views and opinions and do not reflect that of Singapore Buddhist Federation, Buddhist Library,
plane jackers, swimmers or cruise boaters.  Text in blue are from the Singapore Buddhist Federation website.