5 thoughts on “Can Non-Vegetarians Eat Vegetarian Food?”

  1. I am unable to relate to the chart because I only see two human possibilities, vegetarian/vegan and carnivore/omnivore. I don’t believe that humans can live sustained only on meat. Even meat-eaters use a plethora of plant-based items to enhance the flesh that they consume (onions, carrots, spices, herbs, etc.)

    I believe that human beings are segregated into two very basic groups: those who eat meat and those who do not. There are certainly countless variations to both of these but nowhere have I ever heard of anyone successfully eating ONLY meat and surviving. Is the human body even capable?

  2. Exactly! And that is why it does not make sense to me when people refuse vegetarian food, proclaiming themselves to be meat eaters. That is the point the article was trying to make. Am glad you got it!

  3. Distasteful when people proclaim aloud to be meat eaters especially in the compound of a monastery or temple.. Even if consuming meat due to nutrition, feeling of thankfulness should be present..

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