I Don’t Mind Ants Eating My Leftovers, It’s Just that They Have a Tendency to Drown in Them! ಠ_ಠ

Yes, I’ve said it.  I really don’t mind ants eating my leftovers, it is just that they have a tendency to drown in it.

So my little effort is to ensure that either

  1. I do not have any drinks (even plain water!) left unattended and uncovered.
  2. If ants have started helping themselves to the drink or food, I move them to the sink and drain the drink or food so that they do not drown1 in their food!
  3. n

For the most part, they do a great job cleaning up the leftovers and leave the utensil reading for light washing.  So I leave at peace with them.  :p

I usually finish up my drink and wash up.  But sometimes I leave a cup of water, yes, even plain water on my desk, only to find it swarmed by ants!  There is something about ants these days, they go all over the place even when there is no visible food or drinks around.  Aren’t they supposed to forage for food, and not just go jalan jalan?

Sometimes, they even bite me.  I once tried to endure the bite.  I wondered how much of the ant bite I can endure.  Not much I realised!  To be fair, I lasted probably close to 40+ secs or 1 min.  Problem is, sometimes I am trying to reply to emails, write an article or doing my own sutra / sastra study, and I am afraid I might accidentally crush them.  So I have developed a skill to pick them up skilfully and put them elsewhere.  Then someone suggests that this would get them lost and confused!  Arrgghh … there is no pleasing everyone huh?

Other times, I blow them away.  They seem rather resilient and are supposed to be able to support up to 400 many (502) times their body weight.  And some people say that it may feel like being blown away by a typhoon!  Oh dear!

Until I find a better way to deal with ants already on my body or in my vicinity, in danger of being crushed accidentally by me, I would pick them up or blow them away to safety.


1. Ants that in water can often be rescued.  Scoop them from water and remove excess water by carefully dabbing tissue or cloth and absorbing the water.  Then orally blow dry them.  Numerous ants had been ‘rescued’ and ‘revived’ these way.

2. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_much_weight_can_an_ant_carry


1 thought on “I Don’t Mind Ants Eating My Leftovers, It’s Just that They Have a Tendency to Drown in Them! ಠ_ಠ”

  1. Shifu,

    u can try to burn 艾草/艾灸 (a chinese medicine) in the room or the place tt has lots of ants… the smell of the medicine will “invite” our little friends(including other insects) away, without the damage tt can be done to both the ants and the human beings by using insecticides. And breathing in the smell of medicine itself has vast benefits for health eg boosting immunity. It’s tried and tested in my house. if u would like to give it a try i can inform sis to pass u some=)

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