Library Collection of Donations for Japan Earthquake

The Buddhist Library is collecting donations for the Japan disaster and will be directing it through Tzu Chi 

Members who are visiting the Buddhist Library premises may offer their support and donations through the collection box at the counter.   You may also donate directly to Tzu Chi to offer your aid for the Japanese people.

Why donate via Tzu Chi Foundation?

There are many reasons why I would recommend donating via Tzu  Chi Foundation.  But of these reasons, one prime consideration is the spirit of voluntarism in their organisation.  It is said that volunteers who go on overseas relief mission pay for their own travel expenses and do not get reimbursed for their time.  This way, there is a minimum or virtually no overhead slapped onto your donation.


Instead of going through a third party, Tzu Chi volunteers personally deliver relief goods to the hands of each household in need,. Hence, all of the donations go directly to the hands of the needy.


Tzu Chi relief team assesses the needs and conditions before deciding which areas to provide aid to, ensuring that aid goes to areas where they are most needed.


Wherever Tzu Chi relief workers go to help, they must respect the lifestyle, the customs and the cultural tradition of that place. Relief workers are not superior to the victims, but reach out to them as friends.


Quick action makes relief more effective. Tzu Chi responds immediately after a disaster strikes and provides relief in a timely manner.


Tzu Chi relief team thoroughly and carefully assesses the needs and conditions in each location before conducting distributions and relief work program, providing medical services, and rebuilding in the long run. This is to ensure that the aid provided is needed and practical.

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