“Talks on Peace Very Often Are Just Talk, with No Action”

Just came back from a Religions For Peace conference @ Furama City Centre (@Furama Hotel).  One of the message that struck a chord in me was about how talks on peace very often are just talk, with no action.  After all these years of talks on peace, and yet, we still have strife and conflict.  It seem the ones who attend conferences on peace are already advocates of peace, while those who really need a dose of it are not attending it.

While it feels that way, I think if even just one of the religious leaders were to internalise the message and bring back it back to his or her community, it would be worth it.  We got to keep it up!

Interestingly, one of the theme in today’s session was about how the individual must be at peace before the group or the nation can be at peace.  This resounded strongly with the Buddha’s words, that the mind is the forerunner of all, and only when we defeat our defilements can there be peace.

So, my dear friend, how was your day?  Is it peaceful?  Or did you get upset over the same thing again?

May you be well … … may you be happy … … ^_^

6 thoughts on ““Talks on Peace Very Often Are Just Talk, with No Action””

  1. totally agree that the ones attended are already advocates of Peace. Those who fnds no peace within or outside of themselves should strive to find
    peace, to make peace with themselves. Face up to oneself and our inadequacies and be at peace with that. That is the greatest bliss.

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