2 thoughts on “Give and Take”

  1. Hello. very good post. often times people will refuse to accept help even when offered and i’m sure it is only becos they are thinking that it will put the others out in some way or another. When we refuse help we are blocking others from fulfilling their duties to serve others. So thanks for this post, very important.

  2. Hi Shifu,

    I think there are 3 groups of people here. The first are the ones who take things for granted, only take whatever they can from others and gives nothing back in return; while the 2nd group are those who refuse receive help for 3 reasons. 1) They’re too caught up in their mess that they are oblivious to their surroundings 2)Too egoistic as they felt they doesn’t want to be portrayed as weakling 3)Hate to own someone’s a favor. The last group are the ones who extend selfless help to those in need. Seeing someone in distress invoke a strong inner sense of compassion to help (A distinct difference from act of sympathy)


    Alex Pang

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