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A while back, someone asked me about what "Buddha Vacana" mean.  Buddha means "Awaken" while the word "Vacana" can be translated as "words of".  Buddha Vacana mean "Words of the Buddha" or "Sayings of the Buddha".

This site's url is buddhavacana.net, and hosts the verses from "Buddha Vacana", a year-round series of verses that updates daily.  It also hosts the app installation files for various platforms such as Windows (all versions), Palm OS, PocketPC, HandheldPC, Linux (through Wine support) and hosts the app server files for the Buddha Vacana app that runs on facebook.  It also contains the links to the Buddha Vacana apps that is available in Android Market and Apple App Store.

In addition, this site also host my blog titled "Ramblings of a Monk".  I wonder
how many people recognise the word play here.  Buddha Vacana, "Words of the Buddha" vs "Ramblings of a(n unenlightened) Monk".  

So now you know!


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Monk”

  1. In the 2nd paragraph, sentence “This site’s url is buddhavacan.net”, the word buddhavacan.net suppose to be buddhavacana.net. Just a minor correction 🙂

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