Birthday Wishes

So last month, my best friend asked me to share my birthday wishes.  This is what I shared.

Best Friend Moi
Whats your birthday wishlist
I dun really have much of a birthday wish … ‘cos it was not a thing for us at home in the past … to celebrate our birthdays
Ah so cute
So honestly if you ask me
So how do y’all sleeve your birthday?
Today if you ask me
If there is something that can really come true
from my birthday wish
If there is no limit to it
I would wish for all beings to be completely free of defilements and suffering
Knowing that my birthday wish may have limited power
I would then wish for all beings to be at least free of suffering for one day
It might misfired to be materialized for all beings from some other planet
But perhaps that may still be a lil bit of a stretch
? THAT WOULD BRING ME MUCH JOY ❤ (misfiring to be materialised for all beings from some other planet)
I would wish for all beings to cease any harmful actions … even if just for one day
Imagine for a day, where all guns cease to fire
? Where all knives do not meet the throat of trembling beings
Somewhere kalpas later you see that the seeds were already rooting now
Where claws and fangs do not sink into the flesh of another
Where perhaps, even hurtful words are not uttered
Where people live free of fear and anxiety nod nod
Only the joyful melody of truth is heard
And beings have thoughts of care and love for all their eyes met
Joyful melody of truth (((:
With their heart at ease and in contentment with each moment,
no longing, wanting or craving arising
It can begin with today
This moment
All complete and whole and at the same time, beyond complete and whole, where complete and whole do not exist either.
For if there is still complete and whole, then there is incompleteness and non-whole-ness