The Little Moth and the Candle

There was once two friends, a Little Moth and a Candle.  They were not exactly the most likely pair, but somehow they were drawn towards each other.

Little Moth would fly long distances to see the brilliance of the Candle.  Together, they would dance on and on.  Seconds turn to minutes.  Minutes turn to hours.  Hours turn to days.  Days turn to years.  Time ceased.

It was Magical.  But it was not to last.

Over time, Candle found that Little Moth was becoming weaker and unwell.  Little Moth was burning itself up in the Candle’s flame slowly.    Candle decided that something must be done.  He called a good friend, Water, for help.

“Your flame and brilliance will be gone Candle!” Water said.

“I know.  Please my friend.  Please help me.  This is the only way. ”  Candle pleaded.


The next morning, Little Moth danced happily to find Candle to play.  When Little Moth arrived, all there was … was a cold extinguished candle.  No brilliance nor sparkle nor warmth.  Little Moth settled over the candle mound and cried.  Cried for days and nights.  But the candle was no more.

“He told me to tell you something” Water said.

“What is it?  What happened?  What did Candle have to say?”  Little Moth shot back.

“Tell her that ‘I love her with all my heart but will not be able to offer brilliance, sparkle nor warmth no more.’ ”  Water replied.


Little Moth’s health recovered over time.  It fluttered in the spring air, and from a distance, can be mistaken for a lighthearted dance.