The Buddha taught people to live their lives with compassion and wisdom.  In the eyes of the Buddha, he saw Buddhas-to-be, that is, future Buddhas!  He saw the Buddha-potential, the Buddha Nature in all sentient beings!

Treating each other with love and respect through our (bodily) actions, words and thoughts, we live and grow together, fulfilling our greatest potential, Buddhahood!

Dear friends, take a look at the video below and ask yourself, what does
your faith tell you about others and how we should treat each other?  If you are an free-thinker, atheist or humanist, what human values do you try to embody when relating to others?

How easy or difficult is it to do according to our values (whether found in our faith or otherwise)?

Can we treat others with love and respect without imposing our beliefs onto others?

Do you want to bring out your Buddha Nature and treat others with love and respect or do you want to bring out your Bully potential and make others miserable?

What’s it gonna be?

Whatever You Call Yourself, Whatever You Believe In


So yesterday a student came over and shared with me about this question “What is Right?”.  AFAIA concerned, asking this question is perfectly alright and healthy.  What I was uncomfy was how this question arose and the intention behind those who may have strengthened or stirred it up to the point of making a person question practically everything … except perhaps “Christians going out on the streets giving out pamphlets” because they feel that others need to be saved.

I’ll probably write some more later on this …

Some time after this student left, another student sms me ard 1020pm asking if he can come over to BL ‘cos he just had a bad quarrel with his wife.  He came over close to 11pm.  Took the liberty and let him bunk over at BL and informed Bhante the next day.

After giving him some breakfast this morning and having him share about what transpired, he left for home.  Hope everything turn out fine.

Around 1030am, went for a lunch dana for Bhante’s birthday and house blessings for a BL member’s place.  Rushed back for a 2pm appointment only to have it cancelled.


Whatever you call yourself, whatever you believe in, if you have expectations that are not met, you are very likely to be disappointed.  This is a fact.  This is True regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

That is why the Buddha’s Teachings, the Dharma is called the Truth!

Have a nice day … … unless you have other plans! -.-