Together with the lovely participants, we completed the Heart Sutra workshop @ Buddhist Union on Friday 24 June 2011

Together with the lovely participants, we completed the Heart Sutra workshop @ Buddhist Union on Friday 24 June 2011 … appreciation to the lovely boys and girls who attended! Much thanks to Buddhist Union and its venerables and volunteers who helped
organised and supported this event!  Till the next time, "enjoy" "your" "laksa"! Suki hontu! ^_^  

Digital Buddha Vacana on Linux/Ubuntu using WINE

If you are using Linux/Ubuntu or any flavour of Linux that supports WINE, then you can install the Digital Buddha Vacana 1.5 on your Linux machine using WINE.

Screenshot of Digital Buddha Vacana 1.5 (Windows Edition) running in Ubuntu Lucid via WINE.

First, you must first download Digital Buddha Vacana 1.5 (Windows Edition)

Next, simply follow the instructions I've prepared at WineHQ.


What works
Pre-installation steps

1. Using winetricks, install MFC42.DLL

Working functions

  1. Installation 
  2. Running of app
  3. Sound (Bell sound)
  4. Scheduled run (I personally cannot believe it actually works in Ubuntu!)
  5. Options setting and saving
  6. About dialogue

What does not
Prior to installing MFC42.DLL using winetricks, app failed to run. When run, the following error occurred: err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"C:\\Program Files\\DBVWin\\DBVWin.exe" failed, status c0000135

Fixed by installing MFC42.DLL using winetricks.

What was not tested

Additional Comments

Prior to running app, please install MFC42.DLL using winetricks.


Please leave a note at the comments if you encounter any difficulties.

Cremation Ceremony of a Dharma Master, Master Long Gen 隆根长老荼毗(火化)大典

On 15th June 2011, Master Long Gen passed away.  Known for his life long work and effort in Buddhist education, he has left us and on 24th June 2011, a cremation ceremony and puja service was conducted in his honour.  At 1145am, when the puja service was about to begin, a halo of light appeared around the sun.  Below is a newspaper cutting that captured what was seen as an auspicious aura, an auspicious ring of light in the sky, seen from Leng Foong Prajna Temple.


For many, such a sight is indeed inspiring!

Being inspired, let us go learn about the teachings shared by late Master Long Gen, so that we may learn the Buddha’s teaching through his sharing.

nThrough this learning, let us practise. Through the practice, let us realise the way things truly are. Through such realisation, let us attain to Nibbana!

In this way, let us we honour the late Master Long Gen.

Newspaper scan by Yeo Kia Liang … I decided to crop out the other unrelated news and post the sharing I gave yesternight at Buddhist Union. Suki hontu! ^_^