Away Till Mid-Dec

Dear Friends,

I’ll be away till mid-Dec. Take care and remember to be mindful.

If something upset you today, ask yourself, “Why?”. Is it because someone did something wrong, and you are thinking “I am right and he is in the wrong.” ? If you are indeed right, then why be angry? Why allow yourself to be upset? Since you are right, you should be happy!

Give yourself a challenge, to be calm and happy regardless of whether others are right or wrong.

Take care of your bodily, emotional and mental health my friend. Only you can do that. Don’t give your emotional remote to others and let others make you happy or sad.

In the meantime, have a nice day …. Unless you have other plans!

With Metta,

Designed for the Dump!

Here’s an interesting video about how electronic products are designed for the dump and how this is consequently bringing about a whole slew of problems affecting our health, environment and planet earth.

I would say that the same applies for most modern consumer products too.  Go ahead and take a look by following the link and share your thoughts below.