Earthquake in Haiti

Earthquake in Haiti

Tuesday afternoon, January 12th, the worst earthquake in 200 years – 7.0 in magnitude – struck less than ten miles from the Caribbean city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The initial quake was later followed by twelve aftershocks greater than magnitude 5.0. Structures of all kinds were damaged or collapsed, from shantytown homes to national landmarks. It is still very early in the recovery effort, but millions are likely displaced, and thousands are feared dead as rescue teams from all over the world are now descending on Haiti to help where they are able. As this is a developing subject, I will be adding photos to this entry over the next few days, but at the moment, here is a collection of photos from Haiti over the past 24 hours. (48 photos total)

Let’s send metta, food, aid and support for our friends in Haiti!

May they be guided and protected by the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha!

I Don’t Know

When we are asked for help to do something, sometimes we
reply with a “I don’t know”. Why?

I’ve been observing this amongst people around me since young and I wonder why.

I’ve always been curious about how things around me work, and so whenever someone ask me for help which involves something I do not know about, I would reply that “I can try”. And more often than not, just making an attempt to try to help is comforting for people, much less when you do succeed. The upside is that you not only help someone, you also learn something new along the way.

Saying “I don’t know” is really not just a statement reflecting the present moment. To me, it is a reflection of how in the past I didn’t know and didn’t get to learn / try to learn / want to learn, hence I don’t know now. It can also be a reflection of how in the present, I don’t know, I am not getting to learn / I am not trying to learn / don’t want to learn and hence in future, I will continue not to know. Or even both.

My dear friend, we have so much potential in us. Please don’t let this
potential fade into oblivion with the IDK (“I don’t know”) reply.

Starting today, try replying with a “I don’t know YET … but I can learn, I can try and I want to know!”

Can you do it?